Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out Of Africa

Out of Africa is an amazing safari and wild animal preserve, most of species in danger(my focus), 30 min from Sedona- I highly recommend it...click here for slideshow of my favorite .

Sunday, July 29, 2012

WEEK- Scenic Compilation Slideshow

This is a compilation of my favorite shots of the week...all excursions included, except Out Of Africa, that will be a separate slideshow.   This is all  my landscape and nature photography.  You can go quickly thru it with your right arrow key on the keyboard, or click on the link and let it play for you. ENJOY!  Comments welcomed. SedonaGrandCanyonAntelopeCanyonSlideshow

FRIDAY: Lower Antelope Canyon

So the final excursion of our vacation. After the rainbow we continued our drive to the Navajo Nation Tribal Park. I was scheduled to take a guided photography tour of Lower Antelope Canyon, one of the greatest slot canyons in the world. We left at 6am  and arrived at 9:15 to pick up my photography permit. Then a wait in line, surrounded by the sound of foreign languages- French, German, Chinese, Indian and Navajo and others.  Clouds in the sky and rain sprinkling. Was not looking good, but my permit was for 2 hrs...so i entered at 10am...and was assigned a wonderful photo guide from the Navajo tribe, Jason, he was awesome.  I took nearly 200 shots and the weather above cleared for a period. The lighting kept changing and yielding different shades. It was worth every moment that led up to this incredible spiritual experience. Below are just a few shots: entrance, depth perspective (we went down 5 flights of stairs in total), and a few favorite shots. The slideshow will share a lot more.Coming soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012

FRIDAY: Gift of a Rainbow

...so as we headed out of Sedona at 5:45am , on our 3 hr. trek to the slot canyon named Lower Antelope in Page, Az to we drove north thru Flagstaff where it was raining and then the gift in the sky...

THURSDAY: lightning

Thursday night brought a wicked thunderstorm with a lightning show.  I videoed and am learning how to take snapshots from the video captured on my new camera...here is the bolt captured:


Thursday afternoon we visited Jerome Az, a popular tourist spot, known for it's historical important as a cooper mining town, then a ghost town, and now an artist town, of under 500 in population.  It is built in the mountain, with huge dropoffs( a little scary) but great views. Lots of history can be read here. Not too many photos taken...a few below

THURSDAY: Bell Rock of Sedona

We finally visited Bell Rock, one of the 4 vortex sites in Sedona...no time to do a full hike but stood in the space and looked at the trees that grow oddly, affected by the energy force. And a plethora of prickly peared cactus. Pretty cool. remembered meditating there 3 years ago.